The soul of Table d`hôtes

Envie de Sud

In the last few weeks I've been asked several times about our "Table d' Hôtes" in the town. It smells so good when you walk past the Envie de Sud in the evening, » flattered residents and passers-by. They stop in front of the kitchen window and look. Some are shy, some are offensive. I have already offered warm, juicy lemon muffins on this occasion. The recipe is simple: lots of fresh butter, eggs, some sugar, finely sieved flour, baking powder and the juice of sun-ripened lemons. And finally, ... no, I won't tell you. Maybe in a convivial circle, when we all sit at the long table and I start chatting...

The evenings, in which Andreas and I sit together with our guests at the table, are always something special for us. The openness with which we encounter the guests is touching. The Table d' Hôtes is more than just good food and drink. It is a gathering among like-minded people: couples, families, single travelers and us. We cook and eat with you. Usually relaxed. Every now and then I have to improvise a little bit. Whenever more guests arrive at short notice or I run out of time in the afternoon.

I cook several evenings a week for a smaller or larger group. More often on request. The concept is always the same: around 7 p. m. we serve an aperitif and appetizers. Both we and our guests get to know each other. Andreas and I translate as needed. This is going very well. Only on one evening our language skills were not enough: Czech is not in our repertoire. But with a few words of English, German, hands and a lot of good will, the conversation got off to a quick start. In retrospect, it was one of the most convivial evenings. Like-minded souls obviously always find a way.

The Envie de Sud table is almost exclusively made up of regional and seasonal products. I let myself be inspired by the market while strolling around and then put together the menu. Recently, for example, I have served the following: Battaviasalad with fried mushrooms, bacon, shallots and figs and a pumpkin-lentil coconut soup with mussels. Afterwards, we had saltimbocca of cod with saffron risotto and broccoli. A refreshing yoghurt mousse with kaki foam was the final touch. The hallmark of my kitchen: I rely on the natural flavors of the products. A dance of taste and color. I pay the main attention to the "green stuff". Whether roasted, steamed or raw - vegetables are my personal star. Some people are amazed at what you can conjure up from a modest cauliflower.

At the moment we are only allowed to serve overnight guests at the Table d`hôtes. We don't have a public restaurant license. French state is sometimes capricious. We are growing with the challenges of the French appropriation jungle. Whether and how and when we might turn the Table d' hôtes into a public place will become clear in futur. We will remain true to the concept: a maximum of 15 guests, a long table and a menu at a fixed price. We are looking forward to the next weeks and months and will keep you informed.

Of course, there is another way. A couple from Vauvert booked a room with half board and enjoyed a weekend in the Envie de Sud without long journeys and without traffic jams. They would have found time for togetherness and a pleasurable experience and definitely found it, they told me at the breakfast table. They plan to come back soon.


Andreas & Ursula

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