Sun-ripened tomatoes at the weekly market in Vauvert

Envie de Sud

Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a weekly market in Vauvert. Not far from the Envie de Sud, farmers and traders from the surrounding area set up their stalls and "tout" Vauvert makes a pilgrimage to the market in the course of the morning. On Saturdays, the offer is particularly rich: in addition to sun-ripened vegetables and fruit from nearby fields, fish and seafood, cheese specialties or hearty sausages, there are also many curiosities such as new mattresses. Of course, you can try out the beds. The chatty salesman has repeatedly asked us to do so. So far, we've done without it. Though we don't just walk by him without curiosity. What seems to be completely normal here seems to us to be "exotic".

The fashionable trend for young boys seems to be trainer pants with side stripes in the "flooding" version - i. e. maximum ankle-length. The stylish pieces flutter at top prices on numerous clothes stands and await interested buyers. Of course, “man” can try on this chic leg dress discreetly in the rear flap changing cabin of the delivery vehicle. It's perfectly normal here.

Delicious scented clouds of grilled chicken or freshly prepared tellines - small mussels prepared with garlic and herbs - let us soak the water in our mouths. With the sweet Fougasses d' Aiges-Mortes, a yeast pastry with lots of sugar and orange blossom water, we weaken and grab hard.

At Samy, the busy fish and seafood merchant, we also pass by. Shrimps, dorades, bonito, rouge, sardines, mussels, snails... the choice is difficult and we can't get any fresher. We do our last purchases at the grocery store. The bags are always filled with everything that the season has to offer when we walk home afterwards.

Never missed in recent months have tomatoes. Real tomatoes with lots of flesh, soft skin and an incredible aroma. Countless varieties are offered. Brown tiger tomatoes, ox heart tomatoes, bottle tomatoes, green tomatoes... they're all delicious. Without exception. Honestly, we've never had tomatoes like this before. There's real life in there. Acid, sweetness, juice and bite. We like them best in slices with small basil leaves, coarse Camargue’s salt, freshly ground pepper and a few drops of fruity olive oil. A poem every day anew. We are a little nostalgic because the tomato season is coming to an end. It's autumn.

The only consolation is that the gardens of the Camargue produce good vegetables all year round. A stroll through the market, combined with a café au lait in the hall's bar or a pastis, is a must for your stay in the Envie de Sud. And instead of tomatoes, we will spoil you with baked pumpkin slices from the oven, served with a fine roast or a lentil dish with root vegetables and trout fillets. And in early summer they return: our beloved tomatoes. We are pleased.


Andreas & Ursula

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