About us

I am Ursula and my job is Hotelière-Restauratrice. With the Envie de Sud I have fulfilled my dream. The Camargue has become my home of choice. Andreas, my partner is computer scientist. He is Swiss like me and works in our old home. When he is at the Envie de Sud, he helps me. We are happy to tell you the rest of our story, if you are interested, while having a nice glass of wine in our home “Envie de Sud”.

In addition to “Baseldytsch” (Ursula) and “Lozaerner” Dialect (Andreas), we both speek German, English and French. Ursula is happy to take care of our guests who speak Italian or Spanish. Otherwise we know to communicate with our hands and feet.

See you soon at our “Envie de Sud”!

Ursula & Andreas